I reached out to Nicole after a string of public speaking failures. “It’s awful! I ramble. I choke. And I’m getting worse with every speech!” Nicole agreed to meet with me, despite all of my exclamation marks. Only minutes into our first meeting, she instinctively began to pick up my pieces and put me back together. She started by reminding me that I love what I do. And explained that my nerves stem from excitement and a deep sense of obligation to my cause. We focused on adopting a positive attitude and establishing clarity around my basic message.  She then showed me how to prepare and rehearse before making a presentation; but also to trust my instincts and speak from a place of authenticity. Her coaching style is encouraging and supportive, but she stood firm and didn’t let me get away without digging deeper and bringing out my best. In my first presentation after working with Nicole, I couldn’t stop smiling. I had an uncanny command of the words. I was relaxed and confident enough to enjoy the experience and engage with my audience in a way that I didn’t think was possible. My confidence continues to grow, and, with Nicole’s help, I’m looking forward to tackling bigger projects and becoming the voice that my message deserves. Nicole’s ability to sense the underlying struggles and combat them with practical skills makes her uniquely talented as a coach and mentor. I highly recommend seeking her expertise.– MAH Jackson, WY



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